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Volume 1 Issue 1 (September 2019)

Cover and Table of Contents
1 Developing Integrated Connectivity System to Monitor and Control the Performance of Indonesia’s Container Terminals Network
Authors: Adrian Syahminur
2 Evaluating Steady-state Performance in Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT)
Authors: Adrian Syahminur
3 Electric Field Calculation by Charge Simulation Method on Cawang 150 kV Substation
Authors: Hamonangan Kinantan Prabu, Risma Lukitowati, Hadisurya Chandra Kusuma, Ruki Harwahyu, and Riri Fitri Sari
4 A Semiautomatic Dataset Generator for Convolutional Neural Network
Authors: Priyanto Hidayatullah, Tati L. E. R. Mengko, Rinaldi Munir and Anggraini Barlian
5 Analysis of Organic Rankine Cycle on Power Plant Fueled Rice Husk
Authors: Bambang Anggoro, Carlos Dominggo Simanjuntak, and Burhanuddin Halimi
6 ENF Based Machine Learning Classification for Origin of Media Signals: Novel Features from Fourier Transform Profile
Authors: Riyasat Ohib, Samin Yeasar Arnob, Mohammad Muhtady Muhaisin, Tanzil Bin Hassan, Riazul Arefin, Md. Taslim Reza, and Md. Ruhul Amin
7 Mobile Geocaching Application System: Treasure Hunt using iBeacon
Authors: Emir M Husni and Wirmanto Suteddy
8 Analysis and Implementation of Graph Indexing on Graph Database using Tree Decomposition Based Indexing (TEDI) Method for The Shortest Path Search
Authors: Saadah S., Tohari H., and Kemas R.S.W.H.
9 Oil Content Estimation of Oil Palm Fresh Fruit Bunches Using Image Entropy
Authors: Aji Suryo Wibowo and Richard K. W. Mengko
10 Comparative Study of Optimization Methods for Dispatching Unit Generators in a Power Plant
Authors: Dimas Jalaluddin Ahmad, Arga Iman Malakani, Ngapuli Irmea Sinisuka, Indra Surya Dinata, Arry Pribadi, IGN P. Subawa, and Gusti Ngurah Mahendrayana
11 Multi Agent Protocol for Cooperative Overtaking Assistance System
Authors: Emir Husni, Noor Cholis Basjaruddin, Kuspriyanto and Yoga Priyana
12 Development of Authentication Techniques on Fog Computing
Authors: Muhammad Kamal Nadjieb, and Yudistira Dwi Wardhana Asnar
13 Modeling Risk and Opportunity Notions in Archimate Modeling Language
Authors: Rizki Elisa Nalawati, and Arry Akhmad Arman
14 Modification The Hsu-Harn-Mu-Zhang-Zu Group Key Establishment Protocol
Authors: Caesario Oktanto Kisty and Sofu Risqi Yulian Saputra
15 Pilot Ex Vivo Study of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy to Detect Bone Dehydration: An Approach for Irrigation Feedback in Laserosteotomy
Authors: Hamed Abbasi, Irena Sugiarto, Georg Rauter, Raphael Guzman, Philippe C. Cattin and Azhar Zam
16 Propagation Properties Of Partial Discharge Induced Electromagnetic Wave In 70 Kv GIS
Authors: Umar Khayam, Herlin Agustina, and Arpan Zaeni
17 Gas Turbine Upgrades at Muara Karang Block I Power Plant to Improve Performance and Availability
Authors: Muhammad Sukri Habibi Daulay, Michael Stevano Sinurat, Ngapuli I. Sinisuka, Indra Surya Dinata, Hayat Pujiatmoko, Fauzi Leilan, and Tania Revina
18 Optimization Modeling and Simulation Solar PV System Using PVsyst Software
Authors: Yoka Mustopa, Asep Wahyu, Ngapuli I. Sinisuka, Indra Surya Dinata,
Arry Pribadi, and IGN P. Subawa
19 Preliminary Results For Quantum Dot Based Flexible Strain Sensors
Authors: Johanis Aryo P.B. Bay, Raymond Thai, Erik Sapper, Ivan S. Cole, and Daniel T.H. Lai
20 Gain Enhancement of An Ultra Wide Band Rectangular Antenna
Authors: Cengizhan Mustafa Dikmen, and Gonca Çakır
21 Numerical investigation of unstable hydrodynamic force on the oscillating finite height rectangular prism
Authors: La Ode Ahmad Barata, Takahiro Kiwata, Takaaki Kono, and Shunichi Mizukami
22 Increasing RFID Card Security System using Synchronized Secret Method
Authors: Ferdy Dian Anugrah, Maman Abdurohman, and Aji Gautama Putrada
23 Determination of Critical Clearing Time in Transient Stability Analysis
Authors: Yurika, Gibson Sianipar, Suwarno and Janson Naiborhu
24 Increasing Home Lighting Efficiency using Decision Tree Method by Prediction of Light Usage Patterns
Authors: I Komang Hendra Wijaya Kusuma, Maman Abdurohman, and Aji Gautama Putrada
25 Increasing Efficiency of Electricity Consumption based on Artificial Neural Network Method
Authors: Sulistiyo Tri Raharjo, Maman Abdurohman, and Aji Gautama Putrada
26 Classification of Citation Sentence for Filtering Scientific References
Authors: Ghoziyah Haitan Rachman, Masayu Leylia Khodra, and Dwi Hendratmo Widyantoro
27 Movement Monitoring of Goods Transportation Based on Electronic Seal System
Authors: Emir Husni and Surya Michrandi Nasution
28 The Effect of Heterogeneous Traffic Flow on The Transportation System
Authors: Surya Michrandi Nasution, Emir Husni and Kuspriyanto
29 Data Pre-processing: A case on Regional Energy Load Profile
Authors: Angreine Kewo, Pinrolinvic Manembu, Xiufeng Liu, and Per Sieverts Nielsen
30 Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Authentication on Video File
Authors: Fitrandi Ramadhan, and Rinaldi Munir
31 Performance comparison of Limboto Lake Monitoring Prototype: Laboratory testing vs Real-World testing
Authors: T. P. Handayani, Reza Firsandaya Malik, Stephan Adriansyah Hulukati, and Hasim
32 Application of Word Embedding in Multi-Document Summarization by Combining Sentences
Authors: Felicia Christie, and Masayu Leylia Khodra
33 Histogram-based image segmentation algorithm application for flood disaster management
Authors: Michael Orozco and Jonathan Caballero
34 Predicting Stock Movement Using Unidirectional LSTM and Feature Reduction: The Case of An Indonesia Stock
Authors: Ruvita Faurina, Bondhan Winduratna and Prapto Nugroho